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Dean and Sheba Padayhag

(South Africa)

Dean and Sheba Padayhag serve the Lord in South Africa. They planted a church, Grace Berean Church, in Kempton Park in 2006, and started Grace Berean Bible School in 2010 to train pastors and workers for the ministry. Their ministries also include church planting, campus youth outreach, music workshops, and multi-media productions.

Email Anniversary December 3, 2005
Field Address Birthdays
Suite 240, Private Bag X043Dean ........ January 21
Benoni 1500 Sheba ...... June 24
South Africa Shedea .... July 28, 2009
  Shedesh ... December 12, 2012


Dean graduated from TCM's International Grace Bible Institute in the Philippines in 1988. He ministered with TCM as a pastor in 3 congregations, also working as a youth coordinator and a campus ministry leader. While pastoring in Cagayan de Oro, he also preached on the weekly "Hour of Grace" radio broadcast for 5 years and helped in translating articles for Grace Ministries Digest, the official magazine for TCM in the Philippines.

On March 21, 2003, Dean made a big leap of faith to South Africa where he ministered as a missionary under TCM for 3 years. He worked as an evangelist, trainer and a church planter. He currently directs the work in South Africa and represents South African ministry to the USA.

In October 2005, Dean went home to the Philippines and, on December 3, 2005, married gospel singer and music missionary, Sheba Buagas. As a daughter of a church planter pastor, Sheba is very familiar with the ministry. Her profession as a singer has provided an added dimension to their ministry.

In June 2006, the Padayhags returned to South Africa and planted Grace Berean Church in Kempton Park. In 2010, they started Grace Berean Bible School to meet the growing need for pastors and workers. The first group of graduates now serve as teachers and staff at the Bible School. In that same year, they launched "2020/Vision: Planting 20 churches in 20 strategic areas of South Africa by 2020."

Their family has grown with the birth of two beautiful daughters, both born in the Philippines: Shedea, whose name is a combination of Dean and Sheba, was born July 28, 2009; and Shedesh, whose name is a combination of Dean, Sheba, and Shedea, was born December 12, 2012.