Union Gospel Mission

Ministry to the Homeless

(Fort Worth, Texas)

No creed but Christ,
No law but love.

Union Gospel Mission in Fort Worth is a local Christian organization dedicated to providing love, hope, respect and a new beginning for the homeless, a ministry which began in 1888 (yes, you read that right). They provide food, shelter, health care, and employment counseling for people in need, but, being independent of government funding and the United Way, they also provide for people's spiritual needs as well, knowing that a new beginning is not possible without a change of heart.

Street Address Mailing Address
1321 E. Lancaster Ave. P.O. Box 2144
Fort Worth, Texas 76102 Fort Worth, Texas 76113-2144
Website Phone
http://www.ugm-tc.org (817) 339-2553

The Mission serves over 190,000 meals and provide shelter to more than 900 individuals each year; operating on an annual budget of less than $3,000,000. They rely heavily on volunteers to get the work done.

Currently the Mission houses over 325 people each day in the 26-room Family Center for mothers with up to 4 children, the 32 bed Women's Center, McFadden Hall is a 16 room long term facility for elderly women, and the newly renovated 200 bed M. J. Neeley Men's Building.