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Eternal Purpose of God
Listen to “Introduction - Eternal Purpose of God” MP3 fileIntroduction - Eternal Purpose of God by Gregg Bing 2010-08-22   43 min.
Listen to “The Creation” MP3 fileThe Creation by Gregg Bing 2010-08-29   42 min.
Listen to “The Origin of Satan” MP3 fileThe Origin of Satan by Gregg Bing 2010-09-05   43 min.
Listen to “The Fall of Man” MP3 fileThe Fall of Man by Gregg Bing 2010-09-12   44 min.
Listen to “The Curse of Sin” MP3 fileThe Curse of Sin by Gregg Bing 2010-09-19   43 min.
Listen to “The Remedy for Sin” MP3 fileThe Remedy for Sin by Gregg Bing 2010-09-26   40 min.
Listen to “The Days of Noah” MP3 fileThe Days of Noah by Gregg Bing 2010-10-03   38 min.
Listen to “The Global Flood” MP3 fileThe Global Flood by Gregg Bing 2010-10-10   44 min.
Listen to “Tower of Babel” MP3 fileTower of Babel by Gregg Bing 2010-10-17   42 min.
Listen to “Call of Abram” MP3 fileCall of Abram by Gregg Bing 2010-10-24   42 min.
Listen to “Joseph in Egypt” MP3 fileJoseph in Egypt by Gregg Bing 2010-10-31   46 min.
Listen to “The Exodus” MP3 fileThe Exodus by Gregg Bing 2010-11-07   45 min.
Listen to “The Law” MP3 fileThe Law by Gregg Bing 2010-11-14   41 min.
Listen to “Wilderness Wanderings” MP3 fileWilderness Wanderings by Gregg Bing 2010-11-21   46 min.
Listen to “Conquest of Canaan” MP3 fileConquest of Canaan by Gregg Bing 2010-11-28   43 min.
Listen to “Israel's Dark Days” MP3 fileIsrael's Dark Days by Gregg Bing 2010-12-05   42 min.
Listen to “The Kinsman Redeemer” MP3 fileThe Kinsman Redeemer by Gregg Bing 2010-12-12   45 min.
Listen to “Israel Demands a King” MP3 fileIsrael Demands a King by Gregg Bing 2010-12-26   41 min.
Listen to “A Man After God's Own Heart” MP3 fileA Man After God's Own Heart by Gregg Bing 2011-01-02   44 min.
Listen to “The Divided Kingdom” MP3 fileThe Divided Kingdom by Gregg Bing 2011-01-09   40 min.
Listen to “Fall of the Northern Kingdom” MP3 fileFall of the Northern Kingdom by Gregg Bing 2011-01-16   38 min.
Listen to “Fall of the Southern Kingdom” MP3 fileFall of the Southern Kingdom by Gregg Bing 2011-01-23   43 min.
Listen to “Message of the Prophets” MP3 fileMessage of the Prophets by Gregg Bing 2011-02-06   45 min.
Listen to “The Fullness of the Time” MP3 fileThe Fullness of the Time by Gregg Bing 2011-02-13   46 min.
Listen to “Nature of the New Testament” MP3 fileNature of the New Testament by Gregg Bing 2011-02-20   43 min.
Listen to “Jesus' Earthly Ministry” MP3 fileJesus' Earthly Ministry by Gregg Bing 2011-02-27   40 min.
Listen to “Born to Die” MP3 fileBorn to Die by Gregg Bing 2011-03-13   39 min.
Listen to “The Hour Has Come” MP3 fileThe Hour Has Come by Gregg Bing 2011-03-27   43 min.
Listen to “The Plot to Take Jesus” MP3 fileThe Plot to Take Jesus by Gregg Bing 2011-04-03   38 min.
Listen to “The Hour and Power of Darkness” MP3 fileThe Hour and Power of Darkness by Gregg Bing 2011-04-17   43 min.
Listen to “The Cross of Christ” MP3 fileThe Cross of Christ by Gregg Bing 2011-04-24   39 min.
Listen to “The Resurrection of Christ” MP3 fileThe Resurrection of Christ by Gregg Bing 2011-05-01   40 min.
Listen to “The Ascension and Exaltation of Christ” MP3 fileThe Ascension and Exaltation of Christ by Gregg Bing 2011-05-29   37 min.
Listen to “The Day of Pentecost (Acts Part 1)” MP3 fileThe Day of Pentecost (Acts Part 1) by Gregg Bing 2011-06-05   43 min.
Listen to “Keys of the Kingdom (Acts Part 2)” MP3 fileKeys of the Kingdom (Acts Part 2) by Gregg Bing 2011-06-12   45 min.
Listen to “Acts, Book of Transitions (Acts Part 3)” MP3 fileActs, Book of Transitions (Acts Part 3) by Gregg Bing 2011-06-26   42 min.
Listen to “Paul's Acts Period Ministry” MP3 filePaul's Acts Period Ministry by Gregg Bing 2011-07-03   37 min.
Listen to “The Mystery of His Will” MP3 fileThe Mystery of His Will by Gregg Bing 2011-07-10   39 min.
Listen to “The Church, the Body of Christ” MP3 fileThe Church, the Body of Christ by Gregg Bing 2011-07-17   41 min.
Listen to “The Church, God's Heavenly People” MP3 fileThe Church, God's Heavenly People by Gregg Bing 2011-07-24   44 min.
Listen to “The Church, Its Hope of Glory” MP3 fileThe Church, Its Hope of Glory by Gregg Bing 2011-07-31   40 min.
Listen to “The Judgment Seat of Christ - Part 1” MP3 fileThe Judgment Seat of Christ - Part 1 by Gregg Bing 2011-08-07   36 min.
Listen to “The Judgment Seat of Christ - Part 2” MP3 fileThe Judgment Seat of Christ - Part 2 by Gregg Bing 2011-08-14   43 min.
Listen to “The Tribulation Period” MP3 fileThe Tribulation Period by Gregg Bing 2011-08-21   35 min.
Listen to “The Day of the Lord” MP3 fileThe Day of the Lord by Gregg Bing 2011-08-28   34 min.
Listen to “The Wrath of God” MP3 fileThe Wrath of God by Gregg Bing 2011-09-04   45 min.
Listen to “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” MP3 fileThe Revelation of Jesus Christ by Gregg Bing 2011-09-11   41 min.
Listen to “The Restoration of Israel” MP3 fileThe Restoration of Israel by Gregg Bing 2011-09-18   38 min.
Listen to “The Millennial Kingdom” MP3 fileThe Millennial Kingdom by Gregg Bing 2011-09-25   37 min.
Listen to “The Final Judgments” MP3 fileThe Final Judgments by Gregg Bing 2011-10-02   40 min.
Listen to “New Heaven and New Earth” MP3 fileNew Heaven and New Earth by Gregg Bing 2011-10-09   38 min.
Listen to “The New Jerusalem” MP3 fileThe New Jerusalem by Gregg Bing 2011-10-16   38 min.
Listen to “The Consummation of the Ages” MP3 fileThe Consummation of the Ages by Gregg Bing 2011-10-23   39 min.