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“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable ...”
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by Beverly Wages

Beverly Wages is the wife of Charles Wages, Pastor Emeritus of Grace Bible Church. She has devoted most of her life to teaching God's Word to women and children.

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KINDLE icon ePUB icon PDF icon A Man Named Paul

By Beverly Wages

Though the Apostle Paul is not the most well-known name to children, it is important that they study and know about him for God used Paul to reveal a special message for us today. A Man Named Paul is a book written especially for young people, but it can be used by those of any age. The studies cover not only the life of Paul, but also the unique ministry that God called him to, and the special message that was entrusted to him, the revelation of the mystery.  (41 pp.)

KINDLE icon ePUB icon PDF icon Spiritual Thoughts for Young Minds

By Beverly Wages

This book was written by one who has devoted most of her life to teaching the Word of God to children. It contains lessons on salvation and Christian living which are written especially for children and young people, though it can be used by those of any age. It makes an excellent devotional book, or it can be used for a more extended study as well.  (54 pp.)

KINDLE icon ePUB icon PDF icon Studies for Women

By Beverly Wages

Are things different today for women than back in the 40's, or 50's or 60's? It is easy to see that things in this world have changed. Sin and immorality are more widespread and more accepted by our society, but while the world may have changed, our wonderful Lord and His Word do not change. God's formula for Christian families has not changed either. It is still true that, Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it .... This set of studies for women looks at those Scriptures which give instructions to women on how they should live. It also looks at the lives of some well-known women of God and points out applications from their lives to women today.  (60 pp.)

PDF icon Seasons

By Beverly Wages

This book looks at life and its seasons: Spring, a time of new beginnings and new life, Summer, a time of great activity, Fall, a time when many things change, and Winter, a time when things slow down and the year comes to an end. The author reflects on the seasons of her life and her spiritual progress with the Lord.  (12 pp.)