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“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable ...”
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by Ike T. Sidebottom

Ike T. Sidebottom, affectionately known as "Brother Ike," served as Pastor of College Avenue Church from its inception in 1929 until 1965.  [At home with the Lord]

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KINDLE icon ePUB icon PDF icon Prophetic Gleanings

from Daniel and Revelation

By Ike T. Sidebottom

There are many sensational books on prophecy available these days which attempt to prove that present day events represent the fulfillment of many Bible prophecies. The problem with so many of these books is they do not "rightly divide the Word of truth." They confuse God's prophetic program for Israel with God's program for His church today, a program which was a mystery kept secret in past ages, but now made manifest by the Holy Spirit through the writings of the Apostle Paul. The two prophetical books of the Bible which are most often studied are the books of Daniel and the Revelation. In Prophetic Gleanings from Daniel and Revelation the late Pastor Ike T. Sidebottom gives a clear presentation of the major prophecies of these books in light of a dispensational view of God's Word.  (61 pp.)

KINDLE icon ePUB icon PDF icon The Book of Acts

A Dispensational Study

By Ike T. Sidebottom

The book of Acts is one of the most misunderstood books in the Bible because, for the most part, it is not read and studied from a dispensational point of view. This book presents the wonderful truths of God's Word in a clear and understandable manner, carefully following the admonition of II Timothy 2:15 to "rightly divide the Word of truth." It takes into account the revelation of the mystery committed to the Apostle Paul for this age, and thus puts God's plans and purposes for Israel and the Church in proper perspective. To those who will read it carefully and prayerfully, it will help you grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  (208 pp.)

KINDLE icon ePUB icon PDF icon The Fellowship of the Mystery

A Verse by Verse Study of Ephesians

By Ike T. Sidebottom

A verse by verse study of Paul's epistle to the Ephesians, the letter which most clearly sets out the revelation of the mystery given through the Apostle Paul concerning God's plan and purpose for His church, the body of Christ, during this present dispensation of grace.  (52 pp.)

KINDLE icon ePUB icon PDF icon Through the Bible Dispensationally

By Ike T. Sidebottom

There has never been a time in history when a real knowledge of the Bible was so necessary. Yet, we live in a time of waning spirituality. The real key that unlocks the great truths of Scripture is to "rightly divide the Word of Truth." This dispensational study book was written by a man who literally spent his life in studying and standing for the rightly divided Word. This is a complete dispensational study which will help the reader understand the Bible better.  (70 pp.)

PDF icon The Holy Spirit

His Mission and Ministry

By Ike T. Sidebottom

We live in a day of much confusion concerning the person and work of the Holy Spirit. People struggle with questions such as: "What is the baptism of the Holy Ghost?" and "What is the sin against the Holy Ghost?" This Scriptural study booklet looks at the Holy Spirit from a dispensational standpoint. It will help clarify, if not dispel some of the confusion, and provide answers for these perplexing questions.   (24 pp.)

PDF icon Saved, Settled, and Sure

By Ike T. Sidebottom

Is it possible for us to know that we are saved, and that we never can be lost? Is every saved person complete in Christ without membership in any church organization and without the practice of any of the church ordinances? Do we go immediately to Heaven or Hell when we leave this world? This Bible study pamphlet answers these questions with a clear message of salvation, completeness in Christ, and assurance to the believer.  (5 pp.)