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Prophetic Gleanings

from Daniel and Revelation

There are many sensational books on prophecy available these days which attempt to prove that present day events represent the fulfillment of many Bible prophecies. The problem with so many of these books is they do not "rightly divide the Word of truth." They confuse God's prophetic program for Israel with God's program for His church today, a program which was a mystery kept secret in past ages, but now made manifest by the Holy Spirit through the writings of the Apostle Paul. The two prophetical books of the Bible which are most often studied are the books of Daniel and the Revelation. In Prophetic Gleanings from Daniel and Revelation the late Pastor Ike T. Sidebottom gives a clear presentation of the major prophecies of these books in light of a dispensational view of God's Word. (61 pp.)

Table of Contents

HTML Icon   The Times of the Gentiles
HTML Icon   The Latter Days
HTML Icon   Jerusalem as a Bride
HTML Icon   Babylon, the Great Whore
HTML Icon   Future Judgments
HTML Icon   The Coming World Dictator
HTML Icon   The Coming King of Kings
HTML Icon   The Marriage of the Lamb
HTML Icon   The Two Resurrections
HTML Icon   The Spirit and the Bride Say "Come"