Bible Study

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable ...”

Written for Our Learning

This book is a forthright and concise presentation of basic Biblical truths that are necessary for our growth and hope. It is not intended to be a creed or even a statement of faith. Though the lessons are not exhaustive by any means, they are intended to help the reader gain a better understanding of the basic truths discussed. (45 pp.)

Table of Contents

HTML Icon   Introduction
HTML Icon   The Faith that Saves
HTML Icon   Sanctification that is Scriptural
HTML Icon   The Spirit that Indwells and Fills
HTML Icon   The Baptism that is Real and Required
HTML Icon   The Supper that Satisfies
HTML Icon   The Church that is Right
HTML Icon   The Security that is Eternal
HTML Icon   Rejoicing in Reconciliation
HTML Icon   Even So, Come Lord Jesus
HTML Icon   The Christian's Evaluation
HTML Icon   Stating Our Standing
HTML Icon   Calling Out, To and Up