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Unless the Lord Builds the House

God's Design for the Family

One of the greatest problems in our world today is that too many homes and families are not built by the Lord, that is, they are not built according to the principles God has laid out in His Word. This booklet examines the key responsibilities God has given to husbands, wives, children, and parents, as taught by the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Colossians. (32 pp.)

Table of Contents

HTML Icon   Introduction
  God's Design for the Family
HTML Icon   Marriage
  Instituted by God
HTML Icon   Wives
  Submit to Your Own Husbands
HTML Icon   Husbands
  Love Your Wives
HTML Icon   Parents and Children
  Foundation of Soceity
HTML Icon   Children
  Obey Your Parents
HTML Icon   Fathers
  God's Instructions for Fathers
HTML Icon   Wisdom
  To Build a Family