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“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable ...”
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by John LaVier

John LaVier was Senior Pastor of Grace Church in Indianapolis, Indiana for 47 years before retiring in 1992.  [At home with the Lord]

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KINDLE icon ePUB icon PDF icon Sure Words of Prophecy

By John LaVier

While the study of prophecy has fallen into disrepute with many, we can rejoice that God has not left us in ignorance of things to come, for: "We have a more sure word of prophecy, whereunto ye do well that ye take heed ..." If we would understand God's prophetic program, it is imperative that we "rightly divide the Word of truth." In this book, Brother John LaVier gives us a Scriptural and dispensational preview of things to come by looking at the key performers who will play a part in the last act of God's great drama of the ages.  (72 pp.)

The Lord Has Spoken

A Dispensational Study of God's Revelation to Mankind

By John LaVier

Of this we can be most thankful; that God has not left His creatures in darkness, for The Lord has spoken! This book looks at some of the sundry times and divers manners in which God has spoken, calling attention to the changes in His program for His people. The book includes a fold-out chart to help you gain an overall perspective of these times and manners and a worksheet at the end of each lesson to help your study of God's Word be more profitable.  (90 pp.)

KINDLE icon ePUB icon PDF icon Yokefellows

Paul and His Companions

By John LaVier

The Apostle Paul was truly a great man of God traveling the whole known world proclaiming the message of God's grace. Through all his labors, hardship, and suffering he enjoyed the companionship of many friends and helpers. These companions were a tower of strength and encouragement to him. This book endeavors to look at those companions who had a close working relationship with the Apostle Paul. The fine qualities that endeared them to Paul and made them great in the eyes of the Lord should challenge and inspire us.  (80 pp.)

PDF icon Why is Heaven Silent?

By John LaVier

In light of the many tragic events we see happening in our world today, many will question: "Where is God?" or "Why did God allow this to happen?" Though the believer knows that God is still sovereign and that nothing happens apart from His direct or permissive will, a silent heaven remains a mystery to many. This pamphlet gives the Scriptural and dispensational answer to this perplexing question.  (5 pp.)