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“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable ...”
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by R. B. Shiflet

Brother R. B. Shiflet is the founding Pastor of Eleventh Avenue Church in Mineral Wells, Texas where he ministered the Word for over 60 years.  [At home with the Lord]

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An Informal Study of Ephesians

By R. B. Shiflet

A dispensational outline study of Paul's epistle to the Ephesians. As we open our Bibles to the text of this rich letter, we are indeed on holy ground. Nowhere in all of the world's literature can we find such profound truth stated so simply, yet so majestically. Before us lies the truth that can liberate the believer and lift him from the shackles of this world to the sphere of all spiritual blessings in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus!  (87 pp.)

PDF icon An Informal Study of Philippians

By R. B. Shiflet

A dispensational outline study of Paul's epistle to the Philippians. As members of the body of Christ in this dispensation of grace, we know we too are included as recipients of the message of this great epistle. In fact, someone has well said that every believer in America who traces his ancestry back to Europe, in a real sense traces his spiritual heritage back to this Philippian congregation!  (71 pp.)

PDF icon Giving Under Grace

By R. B. Shiflet

The increasing emphasis on money in most churches is causing many people to study the Word of God for the truth on this important subject. The question considered in this brief study is not "to give or not to give," but a study of giving as a member of the body of Christ, under grace, in contrast with giving as an Israelite under the law.  (15 pp.)

PDF icon Personal Meditations

On Paul's Post-Acts Ministry

By R. B. Shiflet

What is the chief thought the Holy Spirit is seeking to impress upon us in each of the Apostle Paul's Post-Acts epistles? The author shares his personal thoughts on this question with the reader in this brief study.  (12 pp.)

PDF icon The Lord's Supper

By R. B. Shiflet

A dispensational study of the Lord's Supper. This study is written with a sincere prayer that it may be a means of drawing believers together in closer fellowship in spite of divisions that exist in our understanding of the Word of God. When any differences of opinion on a subject prevail among honest believers, it goes without saying that there is room for re-examination. This message will attempt to examine three aspects of the subject of the Lord's Supper; that is: Communion Questions, Communion Considerations, and Communion Meditations.   (10 pp.)

PDF icon The Unity of the Spirit

By R. B. Shiflet

This study does not deal with the organic union of Christian organizations and denominations; rather, it attempts to point believers in Christ to the unity already made by the Holy Spirit and our responsibility to recognize and keep the unity in its sevenfold revelation in Ephesians 4.  (29 pp.)

PDF icon Ultradispensationalism

By R. B. Shiflet

Usually, an ultradispensationalist is one whose dispensational interpretation of the Bible goes beyond your own. That, of course is the meaning of the prefix, ultra, "over, or beyond." This study points out the dangers of a form of ultradispensationalism the author refers to as "Practical Ultradispensationalism." By this he means someone who, in their dispensational practice, goes beyond the Scriptures.  (15 pp.)